Rice Pudding (Gluten and dairy free): No resolutions this new year

When I was younger, Mom and Dad would ask Brothers and me every December 31, “What are your resolutions for the coming year?”  I’d stare at Parents blankly, because mostly I couldn’t think of anything.  Usually I’d mumble something like, “My resolutions are to study harder and practice piano more.”  What else was there to … Read more

Japanese Curried Fried Rice: The Bookfair COMETH!!!

The other day,  Daughter #1 came home and said, “Hey mom.  The school librarian asked me if I was ready for you to be cranky because of the book fair.” I asked, “How did you respond?” #1 replied, “I told her you were always cranky anyways, and that the book fair didn’t make much difference.” … Read more