Cassava Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe

Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe Delicious Cassava. who created the first buntil food?, no one knows, if how to make puff pastry, many already know, including RECEP4 Blog Simple Recipes this.
Papaya Leaf Buntil this time the admin took it as an experimental material, if you search for it on google, most of them lead to typical Javanese food, but they have spread everywhere to West Java and all recipes for how to make buntil have their own characteristics.

Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe
Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe / Delicious Spicy Cassava

it turns out that there are also many kinds of leaves that he uses, for example papaya leaves, cassava and taro, as for the contents of various kinds, there is tofu (tofu), anchovies plus grated coconut with spices and scattered cayenne pepper, as a result it tastes spicy and it’s very spicy. fit the tongue of the Indonesian people. want to know the recipe and how to make buntil ?, let’s go.

Delicious Cassava Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe

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Buntil oh buntil tastes really good, as a side dish, rice is very suitable because almost everything is in it, fish, vegetables, spicy sauce, very delicious. please cheat Papaya Leaf Buntil recipe Cassava so you can make your own.

Description of delicious recipes that are not bitter:

Time for preparation Time to cook Total cooking time Portion
15 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes 5 Person

Buntil seasoning ingredients

  • 10 papaya leaves, – boiled, drained
  • 1 coconut half old
  • 200 grams of anchovies
  • 2 plantains / petai (if you like)

Grated Coconut Buntil seasoning recipe

4 cloves garlic
6 cloves of red onion
5 pieces of curly red chili
1 segment kencur
1 pack of grilled shrimp paste
50 grams of brown sugar
3 pieces of kaffir lime leaves
Salt to taste

Buntil Recipe

500 cc thick coconut milk
8 cloves of red onion
4 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon roasted coriander
10 pieces of cayenne pepper (it’s up to you)
2 fingers of galangal, – crushed
2 finger turmeric
2 pieces bay leaf
Sufficient brown sugar
Salt to taste
Sufficient fried onions as a complement

recipe How to make Papaya Leaf Buntil

  1. – First finely grind the spices for grated coconut.
  2. – Then roast the grated coconut with the spices, add the anchovies and petai, continue roasting until the grated coconut dries up a bit.
  3. – Next take the drained papaya leaves, then arrange the papaya leaves and fill with grated coconut, then wrap it neatly and tie a plastic rope.
  4. – Now you steam Buntil for 20-30 minutes, remove and set aside
  5. – For gravy; Finely grind the sauce ingredients except for the cayenne pepper, stir-fry until fragrant.
  6. Then add the coconut milk and cook until it boils.
  7. – Now you put the buntil into the gravy and cook again until the gravy boils.
  8. – Finally, as a complement, add cayenne pepper and fried onions. Done with the Buntil Recipe.

Nutrient Information for Buntil recipe:

Kand. Calories kand. Fat Kand. Protein Kand. Cholesterol
112 kcal 4.0 g 1.1 g 8 mg

This papaya tree food is a favorite in our house, once a week there must be this delicious dish, even though the recipe is a bit complicated but it feels like making you miss, this is also laksa bogor miss too. just for info, papaya leaves can be replaced with cassava leaves, so those of you who don’t like papaya leaves just collect a lot of cassava leaves.

Recipe tips so that papaya leaves are delicious and not bitter, when you boil them mixed with guava leaves (quite a lot), guava leaves will disappear the bitter taste of papaya leaves. Well you are ready to implement Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe or this cassava?.

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