Buttermilk Dessert Recipes

Buttermilk Dessert Recipes – Featuring a soft texture thanks to the buttermilk, this Shortbread Cookie is an easy and delicious dessert that’s sure to please!

), and butter is used in many traditional baking recipes. Milk pancakes. Butter waffles. Butter crackers. fried chicken. Heck, there’s even a buttermilk pie (it’s delicious, by the way). Even then, I often find myself in buttermilk.

Buttermilk Dessert Recipes

Buttermilk Dessert Recipes

Add this Buttermilk Cake to the list of ways to use buttermilk. In fact, this cake is my all-time favorite Classic Pound Cake. There is a reason why butter appears in so many recipes. Not only does it add a buttery flavor, but it also affects the texture of baked goods. The fat in the butter helps to soften the gluten, which leads to a soft and moist cake.

Buttermilk Cake Recipe With Praline Topping

I hate wasting ingredients, so I always have a hard time with buttermilk. I usually can’t go through a full half-gallon of butter unless I make a concerted effort. That’s where homemade buttermilk comes in handy!

To make buttermilk at home, simply add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or fresh lemon juice to 1 cup of milk. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes at room temperature. That’s it. While this method doesn’t produce the regular butter you get from the store, it’s pretty close for the purposes of a recipe. (Mechanically, this method produces “clabbered” or thick milk as opposed to buttermilk.)

Another idea? Butter milk. I discovered this product years ago while taking professional baking classes. This is amazing! You just mix the powder with water and *boom* buttermilk. It’s like powdered milk…just with a twist of buttermilk. I always keep a box of butter in the back of my fridge. It takes a while to open (keep in the fridge), and that means I often have buttermilk on hand for different recipes. Keep it simple!

As mentioned above, the use of buttermilk in this Butter Cookies results in a moist and soft cake. However, don’t overlook the crunchy topping! I’ve always loved pulling cupcakes, and my son Robbie has followed in my footsteps. I gave him a piece of this cake for dessert, and he quickly ate the crunchy topping first. I can’t blame him!

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Besides the taste, one of my favorite things about pound cakes is that they are versatile. I love a slice on its own, but take a thinly sliced ​​slice, warm it up in the microwave and then top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh grapes? that. That’s what makes it so beautiful! I promise your friends and family will be begging for more!

Leftover pound cakes can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 5 days. Let the cake cool completely before placing it in the container. Cookies can also be frozen. Just wrap the rest (or individual pieces) in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer. Freeze for up to 3 months. (To thaw, let the cake sit at room temperature for an hour or two.)

If you’re looking for a delicious cake, put the Brownie Cake on the list! Happy baking!

Buttermilk Dessert Recipes

Have you baked this Buttermilk Cake at home? Leave a comment, or take a photo and tag me on Instagram (@) – I’d love to see your comment!

Oven Baked Beignets (french Style) Also The Crumbs Please

Featuring a soft crumb thanks to the buttermilk, this Buttermilk Pound Cake is an easy and delicious dessert that’s sure to please!

I stopped at you. It’s true. It’s been almost three weeks since I got the recipe for this cake, and I’m just now getting around to sharing it with you. It’s worth the wait, I promise.

Summer is finally here – unofficially, I think, since we haven’t reached the summer solstice, but you wouldn’t know it if you were in Chicago. On Sunday, Brian and I walked around the city and it felt like the middle of July. The sun was shining, we were wearing shorts and, within 20 minutes of starting the hike, we were frantically looking for ice cream. We finished it off with floating roots, which suited us well. Doesn’t root beer float taste like your childhood? Is it just me?

One of my favorite things about summer here is our long weekend walks in town. It’s usually on Sunday afternoons, when after a long weekend we’re tired of relaxing on the couch or seeing friends, and we want to stop that bad Sunday night feeling. It was for a long time. We often don’t know where we’re going when we walk out the door, and that’s the best part. One of us would pick a side, and we would walk.

Buttermilk Pie {classic Southern Recipe}

Chicago is not like New York, where you find yourself in a new neighborhood almost every block. No, here the neighborhoods are bigger, more defined, each with their own voice and character. Some are in transition, unsure of themselves, while others are like old souls.

I love the revitalization you can feel in the West Loop; the changing mood of the North River; the quiet glory of the Gold Coast. I love the novelty of Old Town and Wicker Park’s hipsters. I love the feeling of the college of Lincoln Park and the common use library that we are used to in Lakeview, where the owner is afraid of the collection of books that he builds around himself.

But mostly, I love that Brian and I have these places together. Sometimes our walks take us to places we know well; sometimes in places we don’t. Sometimes we talk, and sometimes we walk in peace and quiet. Sometimes we stop for a beer on the way; sometimes for ice cream.

Buttermilk Dessert Recipes

We’ve been going on these long walks together since our college days, and it’s a habit I hope we don’t break anytime soon.

Simple Strawberry Buttermilk Cake Recipe With Video

Another of my favorite summer events in Chicago is the weekly farmers market on Division Street. Every Saturday morning, two entire blocks are closed for Midwestern farmers to sell their produce. I see the same people every year, selling strawberries at the beginning of summer and pumpkins at the end.

I can’t tell you how much fun the farmers market makes me. Maybe that makes me different, but it can’t be a big surprise. I wander up and down the shops, just staring and thinking how beautiful the tomatoes and onions and potatoes and boxes and corn are.

And that’s just the vegetables. Don’t even get me started on the recipe. We have not yet reached the point where the grapes are fragrant and overflowing from their little baskets, but we will, and that day will be a beautiful day.

For now, though, there are some delicious strawberries and rhubarb and early cherries. And we can do it in grocery stores for this beautiful milk butter cake, to scare us until the truth comes.

Buttermilk Pie Recipe

This paste is very easy to mix – just a few simple ingredients mixed together in one bowl with a hand mixer (or stand mixer, or if you really want it). Buttermilk makes the cake light and just a touch lighter, giving it a very delicate texture.

Remember you don’t have to buy the butter at the store if you don’t want it – I added a note below on how to make an example with regular milk. I added lemon zest and just a bit of almond extract for extra flavor, and in my humble opinion, it makes all the difference.

I used a few different types of fresh grapes to toss on the cake because that’s what I had, but you can always choose your favorite and it will be delicious. As the cake bakes and rises around the grapes, they sink into the batter and become juicy and sweet.

Buttermilk Dessert Recipes

The part you really can’t skip is the sprinkling of icing sugar on top, before it goes into the oven. It may not seem necessary, but trust me, it works. When you eat into the cake, it’s best to fall off that piece of sugar, and in contrast to the soft cake, it’s delicious.

Southern Buttermilk Pie

I also added a dusting of powdered sugar, optional. It will also be good with whipped cream. I don’t think it needs anything more than that – this cake is a star on its own.

How to store butter cake: this cake will keep, well wrapped at room temperature, for 1 day. For longer storage keep in the refrigerator (up to 5 days). Baked cookies can be frozen, well-wrapped, for up to 3 months. Bring to room temperature before serving.

I don’t think this cake will ever go away

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