Bean Breakfast Recipe

Bean Breakfast Recipe – Traditions are wonderful, but who says you can’t create your own? English Breakfast on Toast breaks down the long-lasting, hearty English breakfast into a tasty, easy-to-handle work of art. It has all the components, but presented in a new and inventive light; are you hungry enough to try it!?

This post was sponsored by Bush’s® Beans as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Bean Breakfast Recipe

Bean Breakfast Recipe

I’ve been blogging about food for a few years now, and even though I’ve published nearly 1,000 recipes in Lord Byron’s Kitchen, I still get really excited to hit the publish button. But today I’m even more excited because I’m sharing with you my take on a traditional full English style breakfast – it’s an English breakfast on toast!

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I call this recipe English breakfast on toast. I know it’s not overly creative, but this dish is just that! And toasts for breakfast have been a popular trend for the past few years, so why not!?

I used Bush’s® Baked Beans for this recipe, because that’s the brand you’ll find in our pantry. To be honest, I probably have about eight cans at any given time! I use canned beans quite often in my recipes, and when I’m not making Lord Byron’s Kitchen recipes, we’re still a family that enjoys a meal made with canned beans. In fact, almost every Wednesday night we have what we affectionately call college dinner. It consists of scrambled eggs, toast and you guessed it – a can of Bush’s® Baked Beans!

When I thought about putting together my version of an English breakfast, using Bush’s® was a no-brainer because I can always count on Bush’s® to make a simple meal great! Just look how shiny and shiny those beans are with that thick, syrupy sauce pouring over that bacon, sausage, and eggs. Yum!

The traditional English breakfast can be quite controversial, depending on who you talk to. Some say that it is not breakfast at all, but a meal. In fact, some pubs serve the dish all day in England. The content of the meal can also be a reason for an argument. But it all boils down to the following: of the various dishes, the most common are eggs, toast, at least two types of meat, baked beans and grilled tomatoes.

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I want to create a dish that is visually appealing; one that contained all the most popular ingredients, but which would encourage the lucky recipient to taste them all at once.

My dish starts with two large slices of rye bread that are toasted and spread liberally with salted butter. Then I add eggs that have been beaten with lots of fresh chives. Then comes the meat.

Instead of topping the toast and eggs with whole bacon strips and whole sausages, I cut the bacon strips in half before frying. And, I partially fried the sausages, then took them out of the pan and cut them diagonally. Those slices went back into the pan and I browned both sides.

Bean Breakfast Recipe

Last, but certainly not least, came the beans. I spread the hot beans with a spoon over the entire structure. The salty bacon and sausage soak up that syrupy brown sugar sauce; some of it gets trapped in the nooks and crannies of the scrambled eggs. And he also slowly made his way down to the warm buttered toast. Another great thing about Bush’s® Baked Beans is that the sauce isn’t thin and watery; it is juicy and has a beautiful amber color.

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Is a premium tinned bean product, the taste and texture of the beans were the right choice for my English breakfast on toast. There’s a reason why a family-owned business has been in business for over 100 years! As you can see, I used the original flavor, but Bush’s

Has several other great canned bean flavors, such as Brown Sugar Hickory, Maple Style, and Sweet & Tangy. All of these flavors would work really well in this recipe.

It’s been available in Canada for a few years now and I’m so happy to see that they now offer both refried and salted bean options! If you want to learn more about Bush, be sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or visit to find out what products are sold here in Canada.

Let’s get back to the recipe! Here’s what you’ll need to make this delicious and hearty English breakfast on toast:

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As mentioned before, my take on a traditional English breakfast is a hearty, filling meal. Would I serve this for breakfast? Yes, but probably on a much smaller scale, and only on weekends when I could fully enjoy myself without having to rush off to work. But try this dish for a weekend snack or even a weekday dinner. You will not be disappointed!

Baked beans. If you’re like me and my family, you might want to get two cans! Enjoy, dear reader!

Calories: 982 kcal | Carbohydrates: 70 g | Proteins: 55 g | Fat: 53 g | Saturated fat: 21 g | Trans fats: 1 g | Cholesterol: 499 mg | Sodium: 1567 mg | Potassium: 1427 mg | Fiber: 16 g | Sugar: 9 g | Vitamin A: 1474 IU | Vitamin C: 21 mg | Calcium: 199 mg | Iron: 8 mg

Bean Breakfast Recipe

Need to get in touch with a question or want to work with Lord Byron? Get in touch and claim your FREE Lord Byron Media Kit today! My British baked beans are a copy of Heinz beans, and the taste is the most similar, but these are much better because they are homemade and haven’t been sitting in a can for who knows how long. Similar to American, but without the meat and smoke flavor, just like my mom used to serve in England. Navy, great northern beans (or haricots verts) are cooked in a tomato sauce for an authentic taste of a true British classic.

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Baked beans are probably one of the most common (if not the most common) canned items bought in England. A delicious, juicy side dish for every dish, from fish and fries, sausage rings to beans on toast (picture below). A perfect cheap meal that students and bachelors alike enjoy. And let’s not forget beans for breakfast… yes, really! See below for more on this topic.

I recently updated the pictures and video and made a few improvements and simplified the original recipe. If you see a recipe anywhere else like Pinterest, Yummly, etc., I can’t guarantee that it will taste as good as the recipe you see on this site.

Everyone loves a good baked bean. They really go with almost anything, and good homemade baked beans start with dry beans, not canned. Dried beans just have a better texture. If you used canned for this recipe, it would be mushy by the end of the recipe. Dry beans are best for baked beans, but I won’t be mad at you if you used pre-cooked canned beans.

This is the most common problem readers have had and it’s all bean related. Some were almost mushy for me in 30 minutes and some took almost 2 hours. You just have to keep testing them as they cook.

British Baked Beans

There are no hard and fast rules as to why dry beans should be cooked longer as each batch of beans seems to be different (see below for my test results on this). There can be several reasons, they are old beans. You can’t be sure how old they are, even if they have expired. You have hard water. Hard water can harden the skin. You didn’t soak long enough. 8-12 hours is optimal, but no more than 24.

Related to the above information on cooking beans, this week I decided to try a few beans from different sources. I poured each quantity into two pans, in one I added baking soda and salt, in the other nothing.

The result is that some cooked very quickly (they were almost mushy in 40 minutes) and some took almost 2 hours to cook. Baking soda and salt made no difference. The beans will be ready when they want them.

Bean Breakfast Recipe

That! They cook faster because they absorb a lot of liquid. See the difference between unsoaked and soaked beans below.

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In addition to eating beans on toast for breakfast, they are also served with the most popular British breakfast, the full English breakfast (picture below), which consists of sunny-side-up eggs, English bacon, slices of cooked tomato, black pudding (sausage), mushrooms and fried bread.

These British baked beans are made without meat, with a thinner tomato sauce. American-style baked beans are cooked with pork (bacon) molasses and brown sugar, and the sauce is much sweeter, thicker and smoky.

Amount of calories per serving 89 Total fat 1g Saturated fat 0g Trans fat 0g Unsaturated fat 1g Cholesterol

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