American Breakfast Recipe

American Breakfast Recipe – Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. To be honest, I can’t tell you why. But as I’ve become a better cook, I’ve learned to get the most out of the ingredients I have on hand. The funny thing about breakfast is that all you really need for a killer breakfast is a few eggs and some veggies. Oh, and of course most crucial of all, the cheese. Especially Gruyère when making eggs. It’s the simplest addition that can make your scrambled eggs, omelets, fried, or any other type of egg intrinsically delicious. Seeing how much I love simplicity, it makes sense that my favorite dish has always been the classic American breakfast. The most important part of this? The potatoes of course.

Let’s talk about potatoes. I live in North Park, San Diego. If there’s one thing this city knows, it’s brunch. One of the first brunch places I went to when I moved here was Breakfast Republic. They have regular potatoes served with 90% of their dishes and you can upgrade to their loaded potatoes for a few dollars more. Those potatoes have fried brussels sprouts and bacon on them and are topped with parmesan. Now, mine don’t have bacon, which is a tough hurdle to overcome. But I tinkered and experimented trying to make my own version and I finally got it.

American Breakfast Recipe

American Breakfast Recipe

This quarantine has really taught me how to get the most out of my ingredients on hand. I had sun-dried tomatoes and have used them in a few different dishes recently. I still had some left and decided to try them with some potatoes and goodness goodness they tasted good. Mixed with some spinach and crunchy in the pan with small chopped russet potatoes. Trust me when I tell you these potatoes will blow your mind.

Classic American Breakfast

I’ve been making eggs at least a couple times a week for a couple years now and I feel pretty confident saying I’ve got this shit down. There are many ways to scramble eggs, the easiest is what I’m going to show you here. It’s super simple, super fast, and they’re so light and fluffy.

After all. This low key classic American breakfast is a combination of my favorite breakfast foods cooked in my favorite ways. I have no doubt you will enjoy it as much as I do. We strive to make all reviews honest (even if opinionated!), so you can make the best purchasing decision.

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. It’s also my favorite meal of the day. After living in Europe and China for a decade, it’s my opinion that nothing beats diner-style potato hash, syrup-topped pancakes, and some sort of egg variation with a cup of coffee in the morning. There’s just something about a hearty breakfast (infused with coffee, of course) that really sets my day in the right direction.

Maybe it’s the fact that working a typical 9-5 means most of us don’t really have time to sit down for this meal except on weekends or special occasions. I’m sure there is some psychological effect to being a kid and just a big breakfast on the weekends when mom has had time to cook. Maybe.

Nigella Lawson’s Recipe For American Breakfast Pancakes

Whether or not you share my nostalgia, breakfast is one meal that can go a long way for you. Getting some calories into your body early in the morning gives you some ignition to start your furnace and get your muscles moving in the morning.

Protein keeps you full until lunch, and fluids cure sleep dehydration, meaning you’ll be able to think more clearly. While recent studies show that adding breakfast to your schedule isn’t the “easiest way” to lose weight, it’s still a very simple way to start your day off on the right foot.

And did you know that you can have gourmet breakfast foods shipped right to your door as part of a breakfast of the month club? Pancakes, waffles, coffee, gourmet syrup and more. My recommendation? You may need to pair it with a bacon of the month club too!

American Breakfast Recipe

Here’s a list of 24 classic American breakfast items…though French toast, Belgian waffles, and English muffins might do you a double take.

Classic American Breakfast Recipe

Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of pancakes? There’s something about pancakes that suggests the day is going to be a great one, especially if you share them with your family.

Regardless of how much of a rush you’re in, pancakes are a breakfast you really need to take slowly. This makes them a fantastic way to slow down and start your day with the right food, rather than rushing it right off the bat.

Having a toasted English muffin can be a quick and easy breakfast option. One of the great things about these is that there are so many different options for toppings, so you can really tailor them to what you like to eat.

Some of the simplest options are butter, Nutella or cream cheese, but there are many more interesting and complex alternatives as well. In fact, you can just treat an English muffin like a sandwich and use that as a guide for what to put on top of it.

Good Old Fashioned Pancakes Recipe (with Video)

Eggs Benedict is one of the most common examples of using English muffins as a breakfast food. These are very common in restaurants, but are also surprisingly easy to make at home.

Breakfast simply includes an English muffin, one type of ham or bacon (Canadian bacon is often used), a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. The combination of flavors work really well together, and this is also a protein-rich breakfast, which can help you feel full for longer.

Biscuits and gravy is an especially common breakfast in the United States, especially in the South, even though the meal isn’t very common elsewhere in the world (it’s also regularly billed as a weird American food).

American Breakfast Recipe

In fact, the word biscuit in British English refers to biscuits, so the phrase biscuits and gravy doesn’t even make sense in British English. Despite this, the American version of biscuits and gravy can be an especially filling breakfast and a great introduction to the day.

American Breakfast Hash

Bagels are a great option for an easy breakfast, especially since you can cut them in half and pop them in the toaster oven to heat them up. There are many different varieties to choose from, including those topped with sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as those with different types of dough, such as rye and whole wheat.

As with English muffins, there are a wide variety of topping options. Cream cheese is a particularly good option, and another common approach is cream cheese alongside smoked salmon.

Cinnamon rolls are a particularly tempting breakfast for those who love sweet foods. They are also particularly appealing to the taste of cinnamon, as this is a great breakfast flavor.

Many people buy cinnamon rolls as-is or buy ones that just need to be popped in the oven, but actually making them from scratch isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The sweet and sugary nature of this breakfast means it’s a good treat, but not something you should have for breakfast every day.

American Style Large Curd Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Belgian waffles tend to have large squares, deep pockets, and relatively light batter. When done right, waffles will tend to be crispy on the outside, but light on the inside.

Deep pockets mean there is a huge range of potential toppings, including fruit, syrup, chocolate sauce, ice cream, and often combinations of all of these. Breakfast versions of waffles tend to focus more on fruit and syrup flavors, but even then, there are many different options.

Breakfast burritos are a more savory option for breakfast, but they’re also a very filling option. Like a regular burrito, these typically involve a flour tortilla that is wrapped around the filling. The difference here is the specific padding.

American Breakfast Recipe

Breakfast burritos often make use of breakfast staples, such as scrambled eggs, ham, cheese, sausage, bacon, and hash browns, but again, the variation options are endless. Salsa, potatoes, avocados, beans, spinach, feta and mushrooms are just a few of the many other potential ingredients that can be included.

File:american Breakfast (187066827).jpg

French toast is another nice addition to breakfast. This is often associated with lazy Sunday mornings, but it can work well any day, especially since it’s relatively quick to prepare.

The basic approach involves soaking or dipping the bread in a beaten egg mixture and then frying it. There are, of course, many variations depending on the specific recipe you choose, including using milk or cream in the mix, as well as spices like nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, or sugar.

Bacon and eggs are two foods that most people associate with breakfast, and with good reason. The flavors work well together, and you’ll often see some type of starch

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