Soft and Delicious Beef Steak Recipe

What is steak? So steak is Indonesian steak. Steak is a typical Indonesian dish that can be made with beef or chicken. Well, this time we will share a recipe for beefsteak so the ingredients use beef. However, for the record, so that the result is tender, make sure you process the beef properly and … Read more

Oreo Cheese Cake Recipe – Unbaked Oreo Chocolate Cheese Cake and Original Version

If you are an Oreo lover as well as a cake with a taste of cheese, you can try creating an Oreo cheese cake recipe this time. This time we will make an unbaked oreo chocolate cheese cake whose taste is very tempting to the tongue. We will also give you the original Oreo cheese … Read more

Typical and Special Ponorogo Chicken Satay Seasoning Recipe

When talking about Indonesian food, there are many Indonesian foods that must be tried. In the world of per-satean there are lots of food choices. If you are a satay lover, you need to try the Ponorogo chicken satay seasoning recipe. The unique taste of Ponorogo which is savory and melts in the mouth is … Read more