A Little Christmas Cheer: A Giveaway

I thought I might give some small little items for my loyal readers, some who have been reading about me from 2008.  It’s been a wonderful journey and during the holidays, I’m always very thankful that I have a core readership, I have still have an ability to impact others, and I still finding cooking … Read more

Caramel Pretzel Cookies: Whom do you thank during the holidays?

When best friend CY began teaching, I pulled her aside, and told her, “When the holidays come, every single year, make sure you remember the custodian as well as the secretaries of your school. Your remembering them during the holidays is important.  Show them your appreciation.” This was a lesson I learned when I was … Read more

Rice Pudding (Gluten and dairy free): No resolutions this new year

When I was younger, Mom and Dad would ask Brothers and me every December 31, “What are your resolutions for the coming year?”  I’d stare at Parents blankly, because mostly I couldn’t think of anything.  Usually I’d mumble something like, “My resolutions are to study harder and practice piano more.”  What else was there to … Read more

Apricot Almond Shortbread Bars: When the now becomes more important than the future.

When I normally look at Children, I spend time thinking and planning all the different things I’m going to do, say, teach, train them to do so that they can become some sort of figment-of-my-imagination-super human being in some distant future.  I evaluate, plan, and consider old activities, new activities, and still newer challenges and … Read more