Chocolate M&M Cookies

Soft, chewy, cocoa chocolate cookies, adorned with mini M&M candies – childhood in a cookie, and perfect for after-school snacks or a small lunchbox treat! Or if you’re just like me, you can hide in your pantry and pretend you didn’t just eat five of them in a row. They’re THAT good!  My oldest son … Read more

Salted Caramel Apple Cider Cinnamon Cupcakes

Soft, warm cinnamon cupcakes with a gorgeous spiced cider buttercream, topped off with salted caramel – the PERFECT way to enjoy your favorite cinnamon apple flavors this Fall season!  A few years ago, I shared my favorite Caramel Apple Cider Cookie recipe. I’ve always wanted to recreate that cookie in cupcake form, but never really got … Read more

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cocoa Buttercream

Your new go-to pumpkin cupcake fix is finally here! Complete with my favorite cocoa buttercream, this cupcake is soft, sweet, and spiced with just enough pumpkin flavor to satisfy any pumpkin-lover in your life (including yourself). 😉 I know the world doesn’t need another pumpkin recipe… or does it?! I’m excited today to share another … Read more

White and Gold Gingerbread House

It’s GINGERBREAD HOUSE time!!! (aka, my favorite family tradition of the season). Every year around the beginning of December, my little family (even before we had kids!) would gather together and make gingerbread houses. We started with graham crackers and a tube of frosting, and have now graduated to using my favorite Wilton Gingerbread House … Read more

Valentines Cupcakes – Cursive Love Cupcakes

Hi Friends! I have quite the treat for you! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been working a bunch on some Valentines Day cupcakes for an upcoming TV segment. I wanted to not only create cupcakes that would be easy to master the first time, but ones that look like they took a … Read more

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes: Love Note Hearts

Here we are with Cupcake #2 of my mini series here on Baking with Blondie about Valentines Day Cupcakes! Customize your cupcake with a simple love note in the shape of a heart. It’s super easy to make, and will have your lover’s heart a fluttering over the sentiment.  I love notes. I love love notes. … Read more