Simple Tasty Timlo Solo Recipe BNR

Timlo Solo Recipe Delicious Simple but original. Indonesian traditional specialties by making an easy way are very popular, especially Mr. Sastro’s, don’t ask again, for that recipe4 feels the need to peel about this food. In solo, there are many who sell timlo rice, be it in street vendors or more modern stalls. actually what … Read more

Jakarta Fried Chicken Recipe TOOP

Jakarta Fried Chicken Recipe good taste. Even with ordinary spices, chicken ingredients will always be delicious, so how to make this Betawi style should not be underestimated by anyone, and hopefully it will become your favorite at home to cook every day. Cooking fried chicken crispy is normal, and it belongs to the western tradition, … Read more

Recipe for how to make gile tempeh cakes

Tempeh Cake Recipe Coriander is delicious. With this spice guaranteed to be savory and delicious, other preparations than usual, cooking the nyapun is very simple, you can mix it with other ingredients if you really have the ingredients. This dish is usually when the Javanese say mendol, but let us all call it cakes in … Read more