Recipe How to Make Tokyo Banana Cake

Recipe How to Make Tokyo Banana Delicious Cakes. recipe4bogspotcom will choose banana cake from the city of Tokyo, Japan as this post, so that it is complete in writing about cakes from all countries, both Asia and Europe, don’t play Copas after all, digest it first, then write it down.If there was before brown sugar … Read more

Recipe for how to make brown sugar steamed sponge

Brown Sugar Steamed Sponge Recipe Delicious Blooming. even if someone uses coconut milk, this is no less tasty, very tasty, only uses 1 egg, try this to make something simple and easy. Steamed sponge cake / bread, is one dish that is very familiar to Indonesian people because it tastes sweet and soft when bitten. … Read more

Recipe for Making Crispy Semprong Cakes

Semprong Cake Recipe Very Crispy. Old traditional food with round crunchy crisp characteristics such as slings from rice flour, usually uses a mold to get the shape of the result that is supposed to be. So before you intend to make this cake ( egg rolls), prepare it first or buy a mold spongy cake … Read more

Recipe How to Make 100% Dates Chicken

Chicken Dates Recipe which is tasty and delicious. maybe one of the unique dishes you need to try how to make it, so that it is different and so that you don’t get bored of eating the same preparations. Chicken meat is cooked or mixed with dates / korma, what happens? maybe this is one … Read more