Fried Ati Sambal Recipe – Recipe 4

Ati’s Fried Sambal Recipe / beef liver with petai with dry potatoes. This Eid special food, if you want to know how to make or make it, come here. It’s incomplete if the Eid al-Fitr holiday doesn’t have a sambal on this one menu, besides being spicy, savory, beef liver can go anywhere, whether you … Read more

Recipe for how to make Uli betawi

Recipe for how to make Uli betawi from Ketan. Who hasn’t tried this typical Jakarta dish? Well, I’m sorry, it’s worth a try, how about making your own?, it’s not that hard bro. One more admin wants to bring up the typical food of native Jakartans, this is a gift from their ancestors besides egg … Read more

Recipe for how to make delicious woku pot fish

Woku Pot Fish Recipe Delicious. For those of you who have this marine animal, maybe this Manadonese dish will be a favorite in the family, with a delicious and savory taste that makes our tongues don’t stop chewing and swaying. The menu of the Manadonese woku belanga is indeed very diverse and many people are … Read more

Recipe How to Make Easy Fried Gyoza

Recipe How to Make Fried Gyoza Easy original Japanese. the snack is almost like dumplings with the skin on, some are steamed, you use shrimp or chicken, how do you make it?, let’s read it together. This authentic Japanese cuisine is indeed less familiar to those who live in small towns, as well dorayaki cake, … Read more

Practical Tempe Bacem Recipe – Recipes 4

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Delicious Bangka Sweet Martabak Recipe

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Dried Beef Jerky Recipe – Recipe 4

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Simple Simple Birthday Cake Recipe

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Squid Soy Sauce Recipe – Recipe 4

Squid Soy Sauce Recipe sweet dry. It’s easy to make this dish, with complete spices, it’s definitely delicious & tasty, guaranteed not to be complicated, it can be practiced by anyone, including people who can cook. Recipes This one is quite a cheap menu, but it tastes really good, it can arouse your appetite and … Read more