Dried Macaroni Seblak Recipe – Recipe 4

Macaroni Seblak Recipe Spicy dry. Let’s guess where this dish came from?, there is a wet gravy too, how to make this culinary is the same or not?, here it is open. Admin is sure there are those who don’t know what kind of food that is. The answer is a food or snack originating … Read more

Delicious Original Coto Makassar Recipe

Coto Makassar Recipe Genuinely delicious and delicious. this is an illustration of how attractive this traditional food is, let’s find out how to make Mangkasara archipelago food like daeng tata. but before that you can also compare with typical Jakarta, namely Betawi Soto Recipe which is equally delicious. Coto Makassar Delicious, of course, everyone has … Read more

Recipe for Special Wet Cracker Seblak Soup

Seblak Kuah Recipe Wet Simple Special Crackers. For those who are passionate about Bandung cuisine, there is a way to make original food from the Flower City, it’s really delicious, come here. You guys definitely like spicy food, especially teenagers. Especially when the weather is hot, the special delicious food is delicious. how about we … Read more

Delicious Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe Yummy Curly Crispy. KFC Fried Chicken-style deep-fried fillet is very popular with savory seasoning with crispy crunchy texture. Crispy, juicy & rich in flavour, This recipe is one of our favorites to make fried chicken super crispy and crunchy. To fry Crispy Fried Chicken there is a secret; The right temperature … Read more

Recipe for Stir-fried Kangkung Terasi MANTAB

Stir-fried Kangkung Recipe Simple spice paste. Let’s cook kale, don’t you know?, how easy is it to make it, just cook it, don’t bother. Simple and healthy sauteed kale is often a common choice of dishes served by some mothers. Even a short manufacturing system does not take away the delicious taste of this dish. … Read more

Easy Delicious Beef Tail Soup Recipe

Beef Oxtail Soup Recipeeasy and delicious too. Vegetables mixed with beef are certainly fresh, so the soup is a good ingredient, the tail is the part of the beef that we often use to make soup, maybe this part is the most delicious. Oxtail soup You could say it’s a good dish, why?, because the … Read more