Recipe for Fried Tofu Spicy Sambal Hmmm

Sambal Petis Recipe Fried Tofu that has a good taste. Hmmmm. It’s spicy, of course, the name is sambal, here’s how to make a thick color sauce, as a complement to the crispy fried tofu. We know several kinds of traditional Indonesian sambal, for example, Chili shrimp paste, chili sauce, greens, sambal petis and many … Read more

Recipe for Garang Asem Chicken TOP

Garang Asem Recipe We will meet chicken meat in Pekalongan Kudus Solo, Semarang. So, is the method of making this dish the same from every region?, which is definitely delicious. Okay, let’s check together how to process Garang Asem and serves our traditional Javanese culinary specialties, which are made from chicken, although fish can actually … Read more

Goat Fried Recipe for Betawi Cuisine

Goat Fried Recipe Authentic Betawi cuisine is almost extinct. Another creation of delicious taste, Nich, how to make a typical Jakarta dish from goat meat. The inspiration this time is how to process different goat meat, cooking this dish is quite simple, from the name, don’t be fooled, this dish is not in the form … Read more

Padang Goat Goat Curry Recipe

Goat Meat Curry Recipe Padang is a delicious dish. 1 more typical West Sumatran cuisine with goat as the basic ingredients, let’s take a peek at how to make it, it’s definitely practical and delicious. One more way of processing that you should try at home, even though there was one before Goat Curry from … Read more

Original Madura Goat Sate Recipe Tender Loh

Madura Goat Satay Recipe Original Soft, complete with how to make peanut sauce. guaranteed that anyone will get odorless meat, if you follow our tips if dr. Madurese-style goat satay is indeed very popular with the Indonesian people, it is proven that there are lots of satay shops selling on the side of the road … Read more

Javanese Beef Brongkos Recipe

Beef Broccoli Recipe Tasty Javanese. You know gudeg?, brongkos is a must, let’s discuss & read how to make this unique and delicious dish. Brongkos have a concoction of spices from; coconut milk, meat, long beans. processed from beef is quite famous, besides warm, brongkos cuisine is also one of the characteristics of the city … Read more

Delicious Seasoned Mutton Krengsengan Recipe

Mutton Krengsengan Recipe The Latest Delicious Spices. What do you want to cook, East Java / Arabic cuisine?, OK, let’s see how to make this delicious food. again you read an important and delicious recipe from us, cooking goat is quite dizzy too, sometimes you get bored with the same dishes, for example curry, tongseng … Read more

Recipe for Kicimpring Babakan Bandung Euy

Kicimpring Recipe Babakan Bandung made from cassava. Who doesn’t know kicimpring, are you curious? let’s see together how to process this typical Bandung snack. What’s that kicimpring / splashing ?, it’s strange to hear?, This Sundanese flower city specialty dish has not spread too far. just a little info, this snack is not much like … Read more