Delicious Terasi Fried Chicken Recipe 110%

Terasi Fried Chicken Recipe Delicious. How to cook this one chicken is quite unique, but it tastes delicious, it doesn’t use flour, especially cream, I’m curious, bro?. For fans of fried chicken, this menu might be an option. If you like spicy, you can add cayenne pepper when making the spices, add more, or use … Read more

Balado Shrimp Recipe – Recipe 4

Balado Shrimp Recipe Padang is spicy but delicious. This seafood dish has a lot of fans, how do you cook this shrimp?, Oh, yes, shrimp is not suitable for those who have allergies, Balado itself is typical of the field, food Balado prawns popularized by them. Recipes This simple shrimp ingredient can be used as … Read more

Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe – Recipes 4

Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe with simple spices. For chicken & spicy lovers, I think you should know how to make this fried chicken, because it tastes good. Spicy Fried Chicken will suit the tongue of Indonesians, the original spices from the archipelago will wrap the chicken meat perfectly so that this food will taste crunchy … Read more

Special Fried Kwetiau Recipe – Recipes 4

Recipe for how to make Fried Kwetiau Special with simple gravy. This dish is quite famous, but do you know how to make it? kwetiau this special one? Well, here you can see & try and practice different recipes but they are actually very tasty because of the mixture of seafood and chicken that is … Read more

Betawi Beef Stew Recipe – Recipe 4

Betawi Meat Stew Recipe This original is from beef. Betawi is not only famous for its soto, but also the beef stew is pretty good, here’s how to make this dish. Beef stew is usually served on Eid al-Fitr but even for an interlude to our family’s daily food menu Recipes still delicious & definitely … Read more

Delicious Meatball Sauce Recipe – Recipes 4

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Great Simple Special Chicken Curry Recipe

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Delicious Goat Curry Recipe – Recipes 4

Goat Curry Recipe Yummy & savory. check the different ways to make goat gule in East Java, Arabic, Padang and Madura, which are delicious here, hopefully it will be useful. Goat curry is a special dish that is commonly available during Muslim celebrations such as Eid al-Adha or sacrifice. On Eid al-Adha, Muslims usually buy … Read more

Original Soft Surabaya Lapis Recipe

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Simple Delicious Beef Stew Recipe

Meat Stew Recipe Delicious beef is simple and easy. With 6 practical steps, how to make stews from this meat ingredient will finish with a delicious taste because the typical Indonesian spices have blended perfectly. In addition to the way Betawi stew recipe & also sundanese, there is a way to make dishes meat stew … Read more