Eid Special Kastengel Recipe – Recipes 4

Kastengel Recipe special with crispy results. Tips on how to make this Kastengel Cheese Pastry dish is very very simple and practical, everything is complete here. Innovation and creativity in forms can develop, but for cake dough recipes, not much has changed. like Kastengel cake, Nastar cake & Cat’s Tongue. The most important thing in … Read more

Eid Chicken Opor Recipe – Recipes 4

Chicken Opor Recipe Eid from Central Java. The trick is how to make food with thick coconut milk, it’s easy, it’s even better to use free-range chicken meat, it can be dry or in gravy as you like. Recipes This can be used as a menu every day or everyday for the family. origin of … Read more

Ramadan Menu Recipes – Recipes 4

Ramadan Menu Recipes menu for the month of fasting. Let’s discuss the ingredients and how to make a menu for sahur and open it for a month. Let’s take the example of Leunca Oncom cuisine. Various cuisines during the fasting month, whether breaking or sahur, complete by making these foods healthy. hopefully your fasting worship … Read more

Yellow Seasoned Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried Chicken Recipe The yellow spice is tender inside. The savory taste is delicious because it uses free-range chicken by making easy dishes and the yellow spice ingredients are quite simple. RECIPE 4 taste, we eat this food so often, maybe some feel bored, like children who have been served fried chicken in various ways … Read more

Special Grilled Chicken Recipe – Recipes 4

Grilled Chicken Recipe Special with Sweet Soy Sauce. let’s see, bro, how to make grilled chicken with spicy, savory and delicious chili sauce. Meat ingredients & seasonings Grilled chicken This Indonesian specialty is quite easy and easy to get, usually the ingredients are already in your fridge, you just have to buy fresh chicken, this … Read more

3 Recipes Nastar Cake, Basket, Rainbow, Special

3 Recipes Nastar Cake, Basket, Rainbow, Special Soft. This time the Recipe4 Admin will reveal 3 ways to make pineapple and cheese nastar cakes that are also soft. Thus, it can represent all the special and mandatory Eid cakes.You can choose which one you like on recipes this time? , ; Rainbow, Basket or special … Read more