Betawi Menu Besan Vegetable Recipe

Besan Vegetable Recipe Rare Betawi Menu. For Betawi people, this vegetable is very special, because it is a mandatory menu that is served during a wedding, aka besanan. Vegetable besan is a dish with coconut milk with the contents of terubuk, potatoes, vermicelli, petai, and ebi. Terubuk itself is a plant that is already rare. … Read more

Curry Flavored Young Jackfruit Vegetable Recipe

Jackfruit Vegetable Recipe Young with Curry Flavor. Young fruit such as jackfruit / jackfruit can be made with yellow curry vegetables, it tastes delicious and delicious, that’s right, just look for this recipe. 3 days ago when the RECEP4 admin went to you, the admin was very happy when he was offered young jackfruit. hmm … Read more