Traditional Japanese Dorayaki Cake Recipe

Dorayaki Cake Recipe Simple Traditional Japanese. This wet cake pancake is popular in our country thanks to the Doraemon cartoon, let’s see the recipe and how to make this Japanese Dorayaki pancake.Food Dorayaki Cake it may be foreign to some people’s ears, but for those who often watch doraemon cartoon animations, you will know, because … Read more

Chocolate Baked Brownies Recipe – Recipe 4

Baked Brownies Recipe Yummy chocolate. this time Recipe4 intends to give a way to make a brownie cake by baking it, if it is steamed, please see below, because I wrote RECIPES 4 before. You already know the taste of this cake, but the basic recipe for brownie cake hasn’t changed, since 100-san last year. … Read more

Super Spicy Malang Devil’s Claw Recipe

Devil’s Claw Recipe Malang Super Spicy But Simple. How about we take a peek at how to make very spicy chicken claws in the style of this very famous poor city?. Yes, it’s true, in this apple city there is a very famous specialty food, the shop only sells chicken feet, heads and wings, but … Read more