Betawi’s Typical Ice Shawl Mayang Recipe

Ice Shawl Mayang Recipe typical Betawi Original. Drinks to refresh your thirst on a hot day with a splash of brown sugar plus cold ice cubes, the pretty color is quite exciting. This time the Recipe4 admin will present drink recipes typical of the native Betawi which is almost extinct. Es means ice, Selendang means … Read more

Delicious Spiced Bacem Fried Chicken Recipe

Bacem Fried Chicken Recipe Practical delicious seasoning. Dr. This picture is easy to guess that the technique for making this RECIPE 4 dish made from chicken is very easy and familiar to the ear.If previously there was a rooster and yellow spice fried chicken recipe, Well this time RECIPES 4 will discuss fried chicken. You … Read more

Delicious Fried Capcay Recipe – Recipes 4

Fried Capcay Recipe Tasty is quite simple. Special tips RECIPES 4 how to make fried cap cai so delicious, without sauce or dry and comfortable. If admin imagine cooking Fried capcay This is very beautiful, consisting of various colorful vegetables (ten vegetables should be), call it red, yellow, green and orange. The main vegetable ingredients … Read more

Cassava Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe

Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe Delicious Cassava. who created the first buntil food?, no one knows, if how to make puff pastry, many already know, including RECEP4 Blog Simple Recipes this.Papaya Leaf Buntil this time the admin took it as an experimental material, if you search for it on google, most of them lead to typical … Read more