Black glutinous sticky rice cake recipe

Bugis Cake Recipe Yummy Fluffy Black Sticky Rice. Lapek Bugis / Mendut cake or whatever, it’s the same here, there are ingredients and a complete way to make it for all of you to practice.It’s strange that the naming of this cake according to RECIPE4 is searched here and there for information Bugis Cake, why … Read more

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Cookies Recipe The latest Eid chip. tips on how to make a crispy cake without cheese but you can add nuts and cashews, you can also make various special flavors. Yeppp that’s right, Admin Recipe4 This time I decided to write dry cake making, to be precise Chocolate Chip special for Eid which is … Read more

Delicious Roasted Chicken Recipe with Rujak Seasoning

Recipe for Roasted Chicken with Rujak Seasoning Delicious East Java. Foods that are suitable for many people how to make nyapun can be grilled / grilled with satisfactory results. Besides being fried, chicken is very delicious when grilled, I don’t know, it always tastes different on the tongue. Grilled chicken It’s actually quite complicated to … Read more

Bogor Laksa Recipe with Chicken

Bogor Laksa Recipe with Chicken and oncom. There are so many original delicious dishes that are special from Bogor, who are looking for ways to make it, besides Betawi, of course the delicious ones.This dish is called Laksa Bogor, which we rarely find everywhere, has a characteristic yellow color with a fresh and healthy taste. … Read more

Sate Maranggi Recipe Purwakarta – Recipes 4

Sate Maranggi Recipe Purwakarta Dr. Beef. I often see maranggi satay so I want to know how to make this dish, RECIPE 4 tried to process it & it worked quite well.Sate maranggi This typical West Java Admin often encounters at roadside stalls, this Purwakarta city special dish is quite famous in the city & … Read more

Easy Delicious Goat Soy Sauce Recipe

Goat Soy Sauce Recipe delicious, easy, spicy, fast cooking. tips on how to make mutton cooked with soy sauce with a good taste so you can enjoy this dish with family or close friends. If you are confused about what to do with goat meat, maybe goat recipe This one is suitable for you because … Read more