Javanese Asem Vegetable Recipe – Recipe 4

Javanese Sour Vegetable Recipe Easy but delicious. Who doesn’t know vegetable tamarind??, this one dish is predicted to be the vegetable of a million people, the way to make it is very practical. This is the most favorite food, I didn’t miss it, I also recorded it in the group Recipes this website. Javanese tamarind … Read more

Village Fried Rice Recipe – Recipes 4

Village Fried Rice Recipe Typical Recipe4. loyal visitors of, try to check how to make this fried rice, only 3 steps, the special results are delicious, simple without seafood, so plain because the forerunner of today’s style fried rice with special spices such as; shallots, sweet soy sauce, garlic, also pepper & ingredients ; … Read more

Special Original Betawi Goat Soup Recipe

Goat Soup Recipe The original special Betawi is also delicious. The formula for how to make Betawi-style mutton soup, yess. This is quite a unique culinary dish in our Indonesia, each region has its own characteristics regarding cuisine, including goat soup, RECIPES4 see many recipes for this soup the variety, not to mention the different … Read more

Coconut Spice Vegetable Urap Recipe

Vegetable Urap Recipe use Coconut Seasoning. Let’s see how to make this dish with raw Javanese vegetables, especially if you add spicy chili sauce, it’s really delicious, and even then for those who like spicy, don’t be afraid, it’s very simple to make.Coconut fruit is always present in Indonesian cuisine, starting from coconut milk, coconut … Read more

Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipes – Recipes 4

Pizza Sauce Recipe Alone like the anniversary. If you want to know how to make spicy sweet and sour tomato sauce for pizza at home, just go here, it’s guaranteed to be delicious. If previously existed pizza recipe mini, now RECIPES 4 will only discuss pizza sauce. So for those of you who have difficulty, … Read more

Coconut Milk Agar Recipe – Recipes 4

Agar Agar Recipe Coconut milk using brown sugar is definitely sweet and also smells like pandan but simple. The procedure for making this food is very fast and you will definitely be happy. Our agar-agar is unusual or extraordinary, it is slightly different from the others, with a slight variation of small black & red … Read more

Simple Tilapia Pesmol Recipe

Tilapia Fish Pesmol Recipe Delicious Simple. What kind of fish can Pesmol make?, Let’s see how to make or process it, like mujair, pomfret, tuna, catfish, tuna, all of them can even be delicious. Cook Fish Pesmol is a typical Sundanese food, which of course is made from fish as the main ingredient but can … Read more