Delicious Lodeh Vegetable Recipe

Lodeh Vegetable Recipe The delicious one is Sundanese, for those of you who want to find a way to make simple vegetables using eggplant, just go for chayote, ma’am. There are many kinds of delicious Indonesian vegetable dishes. there are also those who use spicy coconut milk. Vegetable lodeh this is one of them & … Read more

Ribs Soup Recipe – Recipe 4

Ribs Soup Recipe special beef. A well-known dish, there is a secret to how to make this food delicious. For those who don’t know how to cook soup, go here. Besides that, beef ribs are quite expensive, as a result, very few want to cook their own soup, because it is not necessarily tender and … Read more

Special Spicy Fried Rice Recipe

Special Fried Rice Recipe Spicy simple processing. Cooking with complete spices and also a practical way of making, but the special taste is delicious, you will definitely like it. Typical oriental food makes everyone in the world seem intimidated by its deliciousness, Somehow, all the ingredients have been creeping into the restaurant version over the … Read more

Ijo Banana Ice Recipe – Recipe 4

Ijo Banana Ice Recipe / Makassar green is the best. when compared to es teler, mix, doger, this method of making ice is the most artistic. green banana ice / Green is one of the specialty drinks from South Sulawesi Makassar so very interested in drinks & suitable to try. And maybe you are wondering … Read more