Coconut Milk Banana Compote Recipe – Recipe 4

Banana compote recipe Delicious Kolang kaling coconut milk. The typical food of breaking the fast with banana kepok can be replaced with sweet potatoes or green beans, How to make this food?, please enter. Any banana that can be used in this way of making banana compote, for example, kepok, horn or king. How to … Read more

Special Nastar Cake Recipe – Recipes 4

Nastar Cake Recipe The soft, soft, delicious, definitely crunchy. The tips on how to make this pineapple stuffed cake is not difficult, it’s different from the shape of a basket, of course everyone likes nastar, how to make this cake complicated, huh?. Well, that’s only in the minds of readers, it turns out that it’s … Read more

Steamed Sponge Recipe – Recipe 4

Steamed Sponge Recipe bloom. This soft cake can be of various flavors, besides that it’s easy to make a rainbow of colors, so follow RECEP 4 which has a secret how to steam quickly. Yes, that’s right, this method of making sponge only takes 45 minutes at most, and even then, because the dough often … Read more

Original Aceh Noodle Recipe – Recipe 4

Aceh Noodle Recipe Original boiled wet. The procedure for making original food from Aceh in the form of noodles with spices is easy to get at home.Readers know that Indonesian cuisine is very diverse from Sabang, Java to Merauke, it seems that it will not run out when we talk about delicious food from each … Read more

Steamed Brownies Recipe – Recipe 4

Steamed Brownies Recipe Simple, delicious with cheese. Recipe4 visitors, try to see how to make Brownies Cake from Amanda, originally from Bandung and also Mrs. Liem, soft and delicious here. Let’s make a cake Steamed Brownies, Admin believes that as a housewife, processing cakes at home is always fun, even though buying it ready at … Read more

Delicious Original Rendang Padang Recipe

Padang Rendang Recipe Genuinely delicious from fresh beef. tips on how to make dry rendang, the black one. RECIPES 4, keep it simple, not inferior to the Pariaman Minangkabau area. delicious?, Yes, of course it’s in the Padang restaurant hehehehehe, but don’t be afraid, the admin got this simple recipe for this great dish, from … Read more

Recipe for Tender Savory Gepuk Empal

Empal Recipe Sweet Tender Savory Gepuk. Beef is very tasty when you make Empal, how to make it from the brothers. These days, I often buy Gepuk Empal from a woman who sells special dishes sold in factories when workers take a break. it turns out to be sweet, delicious and very tasty even though … Read more

The Original Surabaya Sulung Soto Recipe

Eldest Soto Recipe Surabaya Original Delicious Spices. Typical Surabaya cuisine is almost the same as Madura with beef ingredients, this is how to make this soto dish. If you go to Surabaya or Madura, you will easily find a dish called Soto Eldest, somehow called that. This soup is yellowish in color because of the … Read more

Cincau Cappuccino Ice Recipe wow Fresh

Cappuccino Cincau Ice Recipe wow Fresh is in every city. This fresh iced drink makes you drool, Capucino ice mixed with black grass jelly, want to know how to make it?, please come in here.Throat dry because of thirst? Beware of dehydration, hurry up and drink anything to be fresh. Now, the trend is again … Read more