Soft Pandan Sponge Recipe – Recipe 4

Pandan Sponge Recipe Soft with coconut milk. The formula for how to make this sponge cake, you can see RECIPES 4, it turns out that this dish is easy, come here, sis, quickly.Soft too soft and tasty & also smells cake Pandan Sponge If you eat this in your mouth, that’s what makes everyone love … Read more

Simple White Milk Pudding Recipe

White Milk Pudding Recipe Simple with fresh jelly. Ok now we present the secret of how to make special dish pudding with a variety of ordinary ingredients. As a dessert, pudding is loved because it has a soft texture and usually tastes fresh, especially if you add fruit, such as mango, strawberry or others. Children … Read more

Green Mustard Clear Vegetable Recipe

Green Mustard Clear Vegetable Recipe easy and fast. There are a lot of clear vegetables, but this is how to make it from green mustard which is easy for mothers in the kitchen. Mothers & all readers need to know that green vegetables are very good for the body, the benefits are many & many … Read more

Soto Kuning Bogor Recipe Delicious Tips

Bogor Yellow Soto Recipe Delicious Tips from the chef’s house. The article on how to make soto this time comes from Bogor, which has a distinctive yellow color and a savory taste. Soto is a soupy dish that has a meat-based ingredient. This food turns out to have a specialty from each region, today’s admin … Read more

Delicious Dry Green Bean Onde-onde Recipe

Onde Onde Recipe Dried Ijo Beans are delicious with savory filling. Want to know how to make this round cake wrapped in sesame?, please continue reading here. Cake boiled rice cake we can find it very easily, in stalls and even selling hawkers we are often offered this food vendor, so it means that this … Read more