Bread Pudding Recipe – Recipes 4

Bread Pudding Recipe plus milk. In this second, admin will show you how to make easy baked pudding, not using cheese and not steaming, prepare the oven to burn this food. food menu Bread Pudding This bargain is usually served to cover a large meal but can also be prepared to entertain guests who come … Read more

Delicious Rice Flour Layer Cake Recipe

Layer Cake Recipe Sweet and soft rice flour. Layer cakes are market snacks and we must know how to make this one rice cake, how about it? agree, come on in here. As we all know that rice flour is a source of carbohydrates and also contains fiber, vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals. all of course … Read more

Delicious Yellow Galangal Fried Chicken Recipe

Galangal Fried Chicken Recipe Yellow seasoning tastes good from the field. This food is very familiar at the Nasi Minang shop, RECEP4 opens how to make this chicken dish with real spices, let’s check it out together. Galangal Fried Chicken Recipe, for those who like to eat at Padang restaurants, of course they often see … Read more

Chicken Anchovy Special Grilled Rice Recipe

Grilled Rice Recipe The Teri Ayam special is really good. If you see how to make this rice, it’s quite complicated, but actually it’s not like making liwet and then grilling it. Recipe4 try to summarize so that it is more simple and concise. We have often seen food everywhere roasted rice This is made … Read more

Delicious Original Milk Pie Recipe

Milk Pie Recipe Genuine Tasty delicious skin. Don’t know where this pie came from, but people know how to make it, RECIP4 Admin is also challenged to try & also serve it specially for your beloved family.Hear the story Many say that cake Milk pie This is also called the Egg Tart which came from … Read more

JCO Tender Donut Recipe – Recipe 4

JCO Donut Recipe Soft and practical as well as economical. how to make donuts is quite easy, it should use Japanese komachi flour but we replace it with chakra which is cheaper but still soft. This cake never lacks fans, it just adds more, because apart from being healthy, the taste is really good, not … Read more

Durian Pancake Recipes, Various Flavors

Durian Pancake Recipe Food variety but Simple taste. Tips on how to make cakes with various durian flavors, for example with chocolate, cheese, still delicious because RECIPE4 with durian flavor mixed with anything will always be delicious. Maybe not everyone knows that durian pancakes are light cakes made from puree (crushed) durian flesh plus vla … Read more